Snarky Puppy

Rachel Brustein
Co-Features Editor

Snarky Puppy, a band who labels themselves as “Jazz/Funk/World,” performed at a small venue in Federal Hill last Friday. The band began in 2004 in Denton, Texas, where the original members were students at the University NorthTexas. Since then, the band has grown to almost thirty members, although not all of them play at a time, and has released eight albums. In 2012, they launched their own record label, GroundUP Music. I first heard of Snarky Puppy about a month before the concert, when a friend of mine who is a musician told me about it. I listened to them a little on YouTube, but that did not do them justice. Their live music is like nothing I had ever heard before. Their percussion is a mix of a traditional drum set with Congo drums, which was the most exciting part. Joel Michael-Schwartz ’15, who attended the concert, says, “Snarky Puppy is about the most fun, innovative blend of styles I know of…they are the hottest thing around.” Their newest album, “Family Dinner,” is available on iTunes. You can check out Snarky Puppy on their website, click here.


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