Athletes of the month: Currier and Fink

Zoe Malkin
Staff  Writer

Recently, two Goucher athletes – a cross-country runner and a member of the equestrian team –

Katherine Currier and Joey Fink in the varsity room at the SRC (Photo: Goucher Athletics)

Katherine Currier and Joey Fink in the varsity room at the SRC (Photo: Goucher Athletics)

received “Athlete of the Month” awards for their athletic accomplishments. Katherine Currier and Joseph Fink, both juniors at Goucher, have been competing well during their respective seasons and are continuing to gain tremendous accomplishments.
Katherine Currier, a native New Yorker, has led the women’s cross-country team to multiple victories so far this year. Currier began her season with a third-place finish behind two Division I competitors at the Baltimore Metro Meet, where she completed the 5K race in 19:52.94 and led the Gophers to a first place finish. Just two weeks later, Currier was the first runner to cross the finish line at the Coach Achtzehn Classic at York College where she again led the women to first place. She insists that her teammates have carried her through her third collegiate season. “Everyone must play a role,” she says. “Personally, I have a lot of momentum from my past successes and hopefully that can come through to my teammates.” As her teammate, I can personally attest to her mental strength and courage as I watch Currier give her workouts and races every ounce of strength. Currier is also pleased that her season has not endured “any stumbling blocks,” something she considers a treat. Currier looks to the future, even beyond the women’s goal of being crowned Landmark Conference Champions. She said, “I really want to make DIII nationals, which means running a very calculated race at regionals.”  She has a specific strategy, one that will take preparation. So far, this goal seems attainable.
On the men’s side, Joseph Fink, of Baltimore, has also had an accomplished season and feels humbled by this honor for his role on Goucher’s Equestrian team. For his riding skills, Fink was awarded a prestigious Collegiate Medal, an accolade only he has acquired in the history of the school’s equestrian program. “It feels surreal. I am so fortunate and lucky to be recognized this way for my accomplishments,” Fink said.
Knowing how many talented athletes there are at Goucher, he humbly stated, “I feel somewhat undeserving of this honor.”
Recently, at the Tournament of Champions Pre-Season Classic, Fink, as Goucher’s sole representative, placed second overall in the flat phase and third in the jumping phase in a field of twenty-two other riders.  He reflected on his honor with surprise, and looked confidently towards the future, knowing the foundation of his success. He noted that, “Winning the Tournament of Champions medal was a complete surprise. I did not expect to win. Going into the competition, I was very insecure and unsure that I was competent enough to be a true competitor. Having placed the way I did, I finally felt prepared for this season and confident in qualifying at the regional Cacchione Cup qualifier.” He hopes that with his teammates, he will be able to compete in Nationals for the third consecutive year. When asked about his team and Coach, Fink attests his accomplishments to them and their efforts for creating a strong program. He hopes that Goucher’s equestrian team is now on the radar among other IHSA teams.
Both athletes still have championships ahead of them, but they are confident that they will be able to achieve their goals. With practice, sweat, and dreams, they can achieve anything. When I asked Fink if he uses any mantras, he said, “Just keep breathing.” And with that, anything is possible.

Athletes of the month: Currier and Fink



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