Campus vandalism: we’re not amused

Victoria Russell
Staff Writer

Ah, it is that time of the year. The annual email from President Ungar addressing the vandalism on our beautiful Goucher campus has arrived. This year, we have boosted our numbers from 24 incidents last year to 29 as of October 7. Let’s take a look at some of the incidents that have occurred. Did you know that students have already damaged five exit signs? Someone also damaged a fire extinguisher sign. Someone slashed tires on a car? Two cars were keyed? Were you having a Carrie Underwood moment and you decided to get revenge on an ex?
Sure, we can make light of some of this stuff, but are we college students or animals? This school costs over $50,000 a year to attend. You can make the argument that most of us are on some type of financial aid or have someone else paying for our college funds, but some of us have to pay our own way through college, and when vandalism occurs, we still have to pay for it even if we weren’t responsible. While a lot of students have their daily mocha, frappe, latte, whatever-Starbucks-calls-it drinks and use their on-campus job money towards frivolous purchases, some students are saving every penny to pay off their education.
When we get emails from Sandy about vandalism or wake up and walk through Heubeck doors to see smashed out glass from the night before, we can’t help but panic to figure out how to pay for all of this out of our already stretched budgets. At the end of last semester, I received an email saying that I had to pay $45 for hallway damages in a hallway of 15 rooms. That’s a lot of money for one hallway worth of damages. Where is the respect for our Goucher campus?
We go to a beautiful school. We have a green, picturesque campus, and not all colleges can boast that. Yet, we as students seem to have no respect for the facilities. I see food left everywhere, more broken vending machines than working ones, and other incidents that suggest overall disrespect for Goucher. Would you treat your house like this? Growing up, did you punch walls, damage ceiling tiles, break glass? No. Why do we treat Goucher, our new home, like this? Maybe it’s easy to disrespect Goucher because it is just public enough to seem like it isn’t our responsibility to respect. Maybe vandals don’t realize the cost of the damage. But Goucher is one of the best liberal arts schools in the country, and I think we need to respect our campus enough to stop vandalizing it.



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