Scoop’s Corner: Mysterious doppelgängers

Samantha Cooper
Staff Writer

I have recently started noticing that people on the Goucher campus resemble people I know back home. There’s a boy in my Frontiers class who would look almost exactly like my older brother if he had a mess of freckles slapped on him. There’s a girl I know whose voice and hobbies remind me of a friend of a friend. The list goes on and on. It’s a bit off-putting when you realize why that person sitting across from you seems so familiar – they look just like that kid from gym class.
I even found a clone of myself on campus. In the library. Because we both spend way too much time there and invariably cross paths several times a day, including weekends. We usually end up hanging out on Friday or Saturday nights or getting a snack at Alice’s (my addiction has switched over from grilled sandwiches to chocolate croissants and cinnamon rolls). I have a huge workload that has earned me my own spot in the library with my butt print indented in the chair. I haven’t paid to rent a carrel, but I’m planning on doing that before finals come up because I’ve heard it gets crazy here, but I honestly can’t imagine spending any more time here than I already do as that would involve me either not sleeping, or sleeping in the library.
On a completely different note, those of you who know me know that I’ve traded in my awesomely huge “Bag of Holding” messenger bag (which totally lives up to its name) to a normal book bag because when my parents came down for parents weekend they noticed I was beginning to develop a limp. That isn’t good for anybody but is extremely bad for a former-back brace wearing scoliosis sufferer.
My parents didn’t meet any of the clones I found except for my “library clone.” And I’m fine with that. I don’t know if they would have totally understood what I’ve been seeing. Though I think it would be really cool to bring the people I know from my high school and hometown down here in order to introduce them to each other. I have to wonder what they would think or if they would notice the similarities or if they would get along or if, quite possibly, the world would end (probably not). But now I’m on a mission to find clones for everybody back home (including teachers). My main goal though is to find clones of two of my close friends back home. I haven’t been able to find them yet, but hopefully I’ll find them by the end of my Goucher career. I’m certain I will. The whole thing is kind of like that running story in “How I Met Your Mother” where the gang discovers their doppelgängers on the streets of New York. It’s a combination of disconcerting, awesome and just plain weird. It’s also fascinating. It’s really just one of those really weird, random interests I have, like Ancient Egyptian culture, editorial pages, pop culture tropes, and useless trivia knowledge. It’s just so cool to see that people here look similar to people at home. Even my professors look like people I know from home … weird.



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