SGA is moving forward; students’ voices are heard

Jonathan Trauner
Staff Writer

Over the course of the past several weeks, Goucher’s Student Government Association (SGA) has undergone major transformations. First, Hayim Wolf ‘14 and Todd Troester ‘15 reached an agreement that instituted the Goucher Student Assembly, which will allow all students to voice impending SGA concerns and participate in SGA’s constitutional revision.
Not only will this Assembly positively affect inter-student relations, it will allow for the student body to foster a deeper connection with administrators, faculty, and staff. Goucher Student Assembly has only met once so far, but already we have addressed several student concerns by means of committees.
Jacob Webbert ‘14 brought up the issue of meeting structure and procedure. Webbert feels the need to assess the possibility of using Robert’s Rules of Order to run meetings, but the question of student voting still stands.  How should each vote for each Student Assembly member be represented and counted in the contexts of financial policies, student initiatives, and other procedures?  I feel as though randomly sampling the Goucher student population about this matter could significantly help Goucher College SGA and will expedite the Constitution framing process in the weeks and meetings to come.
Another concern addressed was brought forth by Taryn Decker ’15, who last week brought forth concerns about the holiday break shuttles to BWI and the recently changed add/drop procedures. I strongly agree with her belief that the current Thanksgiving Break Shuttle price is too steep at twenty nine dollars. If there was some way we as a committee and Assembly could communicate with administration to view some cheaper transportation alternatives, we could provide initiative for each student to create more efficient and eco-friendly methods of travel. As for dealing with the add/drop period concern, I feel that the current situation is not as problematic as the shuttle issue. The problem with the add/drop period is that you can only add classes up through the first full week of classes, which is not such a long period of time. Mainly, the issue has nothing to do with the classes students get into initially. It’s more a concern of making last minute schedule adjustments.
Finally, the third committee we have on our Goucher Student Assembly is the Student Initiatives Committee. As a member of said committee, I treasure the input of Gophers everywhere. It is a crucial aspect of our community that will allow for us to make an enjoyable and memorable Student Government. The Student Initiatives Committee is presently led by last year’s SGA Parliamentarian Andrew Krupa ’16. A large part of what they are doing is figuring out methods in which we can keep in touch with the student body about how SGA should run.
As a Student Assembly member myself, I have just one final constructive suggestion. In addition to randomly sampling the Goucher student body population, I want to encourage all Goucher students to attend meetings and make their voices heard. Maybe we can provide a positive reinforcement for them in support of this incredible cause. Whatever happens inside the SGA Student Assembly, and whatever the student body at large decides, will determine how the SGA Constitution is written and how students will be represented in the near future.



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