Hoffberger Science renovation, departments relocated

Christopher Riley
Associate Editor

After the completion of the Academic Center at Julia Rogers, Goucher College promptly started on the renovations of Hoffberger Science Building.

New entrance to Hoffberger Science will now have handicap accessible ramps. (Photo: Christopher Riley)

New entrance to Hoffberger Science will now have handicap accessible ramps. (Photo: Christopher Riley)

Though there was no email to the Goucher community regarding these renovations, the Facilities Management Services has provided information upon request.
Throughout the planning process of the Julia Rogers building, the administration discussed the possibility of making changes to  Hoffberger Science. The area currently being worked on, where the Psychology and the Physics departments were formerly located, is being renovated and turned into classroom and office space for the Environmental Science and Music departments.
During a walkthrough of the construction site, Linda Barone, Goucher’s project manager, explained that, for the first time, all of the environmental science professors will be located in the same building.
“The quad entrance of Hoffberger will be the new location of the Environmental Science department,” Barone said. This new location will be fitted with renovated offices for the fulltime employees, a new lab, and a lounge area for students to relax and focus on their work.
“[I’m] excited for the new classroom and lab space,” said Dr. German Mora, chair of the Environmental Science department. “With the new space our entire department will better be able to communicate within itself and our students will not have to go all over campus to talk to two different professors.”
Mora also mentioned that, for the last four years, the Environmental Science faculty have been scattered throughout every academic building, such as Hoffberger, Van Meter, and Thormann.
“With the hopes of bettering the department, both at the undergraduate level and soon at the graduate level,” Mora said, “these renovations will help the Environmental Science department expand and become a stronger department all around.”
The Music department offices will see a similar layout on the ground floor, the former location of the physics department. Barone explained that the Music Department has been in need of an expansion for a number of years now, and the vacancies in Hoffberger provided them with additional space.
“Not all of the music department will be relocated,” Barone said. “Some of the professors will be moved as well as the secretary.” The computer music labs will also be relocated into Hoffberger, and the music department’s area, like the environmental science space, will include a lounge where students will be able to study and hang out.
According to Barone, the renovations of Hoffberger will be complete by the end of the semester. Departments will move in and set up over the holiday break and will be in place for classes to start at the end of January. As of now, there are no plans for renovating the rest of the building containing the wet lab sciences, such as biology and chemistry.
So far, the renovations of the science building have been progressing well, and students should look forward to having the Hoffberger Science Building back to its normal running state next semester.


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