Post Punk with Patrick: This Town Needs Guns

Patrick Bransfield
Staff Writer

Recently, one of my closest friends from home, Jacob Hollis, suggested a UK based math-rock band titled This Town Needs Guns. He said that

This Town Needs Guns (Photo:

This Town Needs Guns (Photo:

hebelieved This Town Needs Guns to be an interesting blend between the chaotic mathy riffs of The Fall of Troy and the ambient melodies of my favorite band Circa Survive. Therefore, I decided to set aside time this past weekend and thoroughly listen to their newest album “,” which came out in January of this year.“” is a classy take on math-rock, and perfect for music theory geeks and people looking for an interesting but easy listening album. The guitar tone throughout is tube warmed and clean, and musician Tim Collis’ skill shines throughout. He plays with such precision and intricacy. He sculpts an entire musical environment of fast but clear playing. Brother and drummer Chris Collis rivals Tim in talent, as his phrases are never exactly identical due to his fantastic fills and tasteful rhythmic accents. Chris and Tim play harmoniously throughout, enabling bassist/vocalist Henry Tremain to soar over the mix with his high pitched voice and poetic lyrics.
Opener “Cat Fantastic” switches between time signatures 4/4, 5/8, and 7/8 but does so incredibly smoothly. Having developed such time changing talent enables This Town Needs Guns to always keep songs interesting and different. Adding to the uniqueness of “” are the several instrumental tracks titled “In The Branches of Yggdrasil,” “Nice Riff, Clichard,” “Pyhmy Polygamy,” and “” These tracks don’t add much time or substance to the album, but each is melodically interesting and very different from the rest. My favorite song, though, is definitely “+3 Awesomeness Repels Water” as it’s lyrically fantastic, and in my opinion, the catchiest song on the album. Henry Tremain cryptically sings “This new heir with no air nowhere/ Scurried crawls to the corners of curtain calls/ Fall down blank stairs and who cares/ This fading fashion of a passing passion.” In addition, the guitar precision starting at the bridge at 1:40 is incredible and works as a great segue to deconstruct the song only to suddenly reconstruct it.
This Town Needs Guns effortlessly slides through several different time signatures and syncopated melodies with expert musicality. However, the album never feels over loaded or too busy. Regardless of the math-rock influence, “” is still an easy listen, and creates a relaxed and steady mood. I am completely shocked by this album, and recommend it to everyone, as it has already become a staple in my album rotation.



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