Men’s soccer team finishes with winning record

June Chiango
Staff Writer

Every season begins like the last. Coming to Goucher early for preseason from all around the country, the men’s soccer team

Men’s soccer at Moravian College in Bethlehel, PA. (Photo: Goucher Athletics website)

Men’s soccer at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. (Photo: Goucher Athletics website)

starts a new chapter. This year the roster contained 35 men, a whopping 14 of which were freshmen, led by head coach, Bryan Laut, and assistant coaches, Sean Peckham, Ryan Martin and Justin Holbrook. Needless to say, there was something different about this team compared to previous years.
Laut commented, “The energy this year was great. I thought we had a good team spirit last year, but this year was even better.”
And it seems that it was this energy and team spirit that lead the Gophers to make waves for the first time in a long time.
The men’s 2013 soccer team finished the season with a winning record for the first time since 1992, (8-7-3, 2-3-2 Landmark). The biggest game of the season against Moravian pushed the Gophers to their success, winning 3-1 over the Greyhounds. However, there is magic behind obtaining these goals. Captains Matt Fazekas and Nate Margolis guided the young team every day and pushed them to new heights.  “Our upperclassmen have invested so much of themselves in the program that they are a shining example of the work rate, passion, and commitment that is necessary for us to be successful,” expressed Laut. These values showcase the extent in which the upperclassmen stepped up to lead this year. Without their dedication on and off the field, the team’s breakthrough would not have been possible.
Yet, this is just the beginning of success for the men’s team. Shown this year was the team’s ability to compete with everyone in the league, so next year, the bar will be set higher. The obtainable goal of making it to Landmark Conference playoffs for the first time next year hangs in the air ready for the Gophers to snatch.
And Coach Laut knows exactly how to make it happen. He concluded, “In order to accomplish this goal, our players will need to put more than they have ever put into it.  What we have done in the past has been good enough for us to improve our overall program, but if we want to take that final step and make the playoffs in one of the most difficult conferences in the country, the guys will have to find ways to push themselves in the off-season to new heights, physically and mentally.”



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