Search Committee begins application process

Rachel Brustein
Co-Features Editor

Samuel Kessler
News Editor

The Presidential Search Committee has begun its next stage in finding a new Goucher President. According to the

Joey Fink ‘15 speaks in a welcome video on the Search Committee’s website. (Photo: Screen grab from campaign video)

Joey Fink ‘15 speaks in a welcome video on the Search Committee’s website. (Photo: Screen grab from campaign video)

Committee’s Nov. 6 update, the Committee will now be focussing on reviewing applications of individuals recruited by the search firm Witt/Kieffer, to apply for the position. From then until mid-December, though, the process will be confidential.
Joey Fink ‘15, the student representative on the committee, noted the final candidates will be brought to campus in the Spring semester for open sessions. The committee will then be able to receive feedback from students, staff, and faculty. Fink, who is also the president of his class, plans to have an open SGA forum about the search, during which he will be able to gather information about what students want.
Up until this point, the committee has been working hard to engage the Goucher community in the process. At the beginning of October, the Presidential Search Committee held open forums with the search firm for students, faculty, and staff. The forums were an important step in the search process for the firm.
“[They helped] get a sense of what Goucher is,” said Fink.
After the forums were completed, Chair of the Search Committee, Becki Kurdle ’61 sent out an email announcing a survey regarding the necessary characteristics of a new president. The survey was sent to all members of the Goucher community, including faculty, staff, parents, and students. The survey was used to create a “description of institutional opportunities and challenges for the next president, as well as a statement of desired characteristics needed for the job,” according to Kurdle’s same email.
The completed Presidential Search Profile is now available on the Presidential Search website, which is located as a link from the Office of the President website. The Profile, compiled by the search committee, describes Goucher and details its student and academic demographics. It can be used to brief possible applicants on Goucher and provide them with details on what the school is looking for in a new president.
The profile identified important goals for the new president. Among these goals, the firm identified capitalizing on Goucher’s history, evaluating and implementing Goucher’s strategic plan, developing  and implementing a financial sustainability  plan, leverage relationships with the Baltimore, alumni/ae, and others to make Goucher more recognizable, and building a trusting, collaborative campus culture as particularly important.
The profile also identified specific traits Goucher is looking for in the new president. Besides relatively self-explanatory goals, such as appreciating the value of a liberal arts education at Goucher, having integrity, and evidence of leadership skills, the profile identified intellectual curiosity, success as a teacher, and commitment to diversity as important traits for applicants. In addition, the profile noted that desired traits include the ability to put the identified goals into action and general engagement with the higher education community.
According to the committee’s press release, the process is working well so far. The committee noted that they hope to be able to share more information about the process in the winter. By that time, the committee hopes to be able to announce the plans for on-campus interviews. In the meantime, students can keep up with the process by checking the Search Committee’s website.



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