Letter from an alum

Dear Editor:

In the November 14, 2013 “Letter from faculty to student body: A call to action,” I was struck by the following encouragement from its authors: “[Goucher] is as real as any community you will ever experience – because just like those communities, it will only be yours if you choose it and play a role in maintaining the cohesiveness and integrity of Goucher’s community.” Such a role can also transcend one’s time as a student. Your commitment to Goucher does not need to end, nor should it, once you graduate. The most direct and significant way one can demonstrate support of, pride in, and aspirations for our college is though contributing to the Greater Goucher Fund. Where one graduates from college is permanent—upon graduation, students will be irrevocably linked with Goucher College. When Goucher thrives and excels, so do those who hold a degree from it. Students should not see their time as a student as the full manifestation of their relationship with Goucher, but as a beginning of a lifetime of involvement with it.


Alex O. Wood
Class of 2006



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