Scoop’s Corner: Snow days, schedules, and procrastination

Samantha Cooper
Staff Writer

I don’t know where all of this work suddenly came from. It’s not as much as last semester, but it’s still hard adjusting to my new schedule.

Dragon sculpture behind Pearlstone after the blizzard last week (Photo: Christopher Riley)

Dragon sculpture behind Pearlstone after the blizzard last week (Photo: Christopher Riley)

I’m not used to chunks of time between classes, and even though I try to do homework during those blocks, I’ve been getting distracted by the Internet and food. I want to eat right after I get out of class and then before my next one. But I also want to do work. And somehow I find myself on Facebook or Buzzfeed or Fanfiction.net or a hundred other websites. It’s a horrible habit and one I’m sure I share with many of you. I will admit it: I am a procrastinator. It’s a good thing I don’t have a Tumblr; otherwise nothing would ever get done. And I know how much I would enjoy it but I am aware that with great power comes great responsibility. But I am also trying to use my procrastination ways wisely.
One of the classes I am taking this semester is Introduction to Fiction Writing, which means I always have some sort of writing assignment. And I write, sometimes, in order to procrastinate, and now, it can be productive procrastination. My other forms of productive procrastination include writing these articles and using anime in order to “practice my Japanese” – but Netflix’s selection needs improvement. Still, it’s awesome that I can write and it can actually be productive, and by that I mean school-productive. I can spend two hours writing a story, and it’s not really procrastinating because I’m still doing school work! But I also learned something else that is good for stress: snow days.
Yes. Those lovely days when classes are cancelled, and most students use to catch up on important things like sleep or the newest season of Sherlock. They’re also useful for people like me, who choose to get up a bit later than usual and haul themselves to the library to catch up on work so they may have the weekend to watch their shows and order Chinese take-out.
I do that anyway, but it would nice to do it knowing I didn’t have any work left to do, or without the threat of classes the next day. It was nice knowing Wednesday night that I wouldn’t have classes on Thursday rather than going to bed wondering if I’ll have the chance to sleep in again, like I did on Friday. Of course, it was very nice getting that text on my phone saying that classes were canceled, meaning I could get a couple more hours of sleep. Friday, I slept in a little and decided to do my work in my dorm room rather than library (Oddly enough, I went to the library in pajamas on Thursday but on Friday even though I was in my room I dressed in clothes). It was a nice change of pace, but I don’t think I got as much done as I could have. Even still, days off are always welcome in my books, especially when they are right before or after a weekend. And I’m sure most people would agree: it was an awesome four day weekend.
The only disappointing part was that I was beginning to re-adjust to having classes five days a week. But I won’t complain. I had time to do homework, my dorm room was nice and snuggly, and there was food (a big thanks to all of the staff workers who came in despite the snow, ice, cold, and dangerous conditions). Most importantly, I actually had time to watch Netflix mindlessly. It was awesome and I wouldn’t mind another extended weekend in the near future.



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