Valentine’s Day is a waste of time!

Samantha Cooper
Staff Writer

Let me start by admitting that I don’t hate romantic gestures. I don’t hate the idea of giving flowers or chocolates or little gifts to loved ones. I hate that all supreme romantic gestures seem relegated to one day a year and people feel obligated to do something like spend hundreds of dollars on an overpriced dinner, flowers, jewelry or cheesy stuffed animals. Those who don’t have a significant other feel pressured to find one or feel ostracized when the holiday comes around. I have never received a real Valentine (other than elementary school when we were forced to give out Valentines) or gone out on a date or anything like that… But I’ll try to separate my personal life aside and explain why I am, quite logically, Anti-Valentine’s Day.
1) Valentine’s Day originally had a different meaning and was the feast of a saint who was known for performing weddings to soldiers who were forbidden from marrying. This somehow transformed into the commercialized pink, red, and white holiday we have today.
2) Valentine’s Day was much more fun in elementary school. It was fun making Valentines and then giving the “cool” valentines to the people you liked. Plus, you got to have candy and cupcakes and fruit punch and you got to do a whole bunch of fun holiday activities rather than actual work.
3) People send fake Valentine’s Day cards to play with people’s emotions and because they’re mean. Not just in “Mean Girls” but in real life. Yes, it happened to me. No, I didn’t fall for it. They spelt my last name wrong and did the same with the last name of the guy who supposedly sending it.
4) As I said, everything is over-priced. You’ll save more money by going out on a different night because they’re not charging for a prix-fixe menu and ambiance. Also, chocolate is cheaper the day after Valentine’s Day (like the day after Halloween).
5) Valentine’s Day TV specials suck. Even the Charlie Brown one.
6) Some people celebrate Valentine’s Day as more of an obligation than actual romantic holiday. They go out to dinner and give flowers because it’s what everybody else is doing rather than because they actually want to.
7) February isn’t a good month for a romantic holiday. March would be good; April would be even better. It would give people a few months to save money after the winter holidays and give them a chance to relax before the next Americanized, socially-obligated celebratory holiday comes rather than going Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day… You’d have three months in between New Year’s and Valentine’s, and St. Patrick’s Day would be between them.
8) What is there for single people to do on Valentine’s Day besides wallow in self-pity and loathing and over-priced chocolates that they said they wouldn’t buy until the day after while watching overly-sappy romantic movies? I’ll probably be watching “Ouran High School Host Club” instead. It still counts as a romance series.
9) I have never gotten a real Valentine (one that wasn’t give out of elementary school obligation, from my parents or a friend, or wasn’t fake) and even though I know there are plenty of other people who are single on Valentine’s Day, it just feels kind of lonely. And pathetic.
10) My friends call it “Single’s Awareness Day” which just shows the complete, patheticness of it. It’s like, ”Look at these people! They don’t have a significant other. Hahahaha…” I don’t care. I don’t need a boyfriend. All I need is Netflix, books and takeout. Lots and lots of takeout.
However there was one pro to Valentine’s Day this year: a snow day. (P.S. If we got Valentine’s Day off every year, I’d be less likely to complain about it. But I would still need some promise of free food. Free chocolate. Free Chinese food. Free French fries. Free chicken fingers. Free anything is good. I don’t need flowers or jewelry; you’d be more likely to catch my heart through takeout food (hint, hint).



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