Post Punk with Patrick: You Blew It!

Patrick Bransfield
Staff Writer

Florida based emo/indie band You Blew It! released their sophomore LP titled, “Keep Doing What You’re Doing,” on Jan. 14. The answer to 2012’s “Grow Up, Dude,” the new album has a much better production quality. It is louder and catchier than the previous release, while possessing a laid-back, slightly distorted feel.

Band You Blew It performing (Photo: Google Images)

Band You Blew It performing (Photo: Google Images)

Having been produced by the current king of emo-music, Evan Weiss (of Into It. Over It), You Blew It! has matured from being just a twinkle dad emo-band, to a twinkle dad emo-band that has the ability to switch from emotional and slow jams to fast paced rock riffs on a dime. And to top it all off, “Keep Doing What You’re Doing” is full of great lyrics and lyrical one-liners, that only made me want to learn the lyrics and sing along.

You Blew It! is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Tanner Jones, guitarist Andy Anaya, bassist Andy Vila, and drummer Matt Nissley. The quartet open “Keep Doing What You’re Doing” with “Match & Tinder” at a pretty fast pace with pretty standard 4/4 pop-punk sounding riffage. It’s apparent to fans of “Grow Up, Dude” that You Blew It! stopped doing what they were doing, as this type of riff was sparsely found on “Grow Up, Dude.” The verse on “Match & Tinder” is more tame than the intro, as the guitars turn down the already slight amount of distortion to give room for vocalist/guitarist Tanner Jones raspy but melodic yell-sing. The song picks up to support the chorus and emphasis the first memorable lyrics of the album “I’ll put mind over matter/ to put this matter out of my mind.”
Evan’s Weiss’ influence can be experienced throughout “Keep Doing What You’re Doing,” however songs such as “Rock Springs” and “Gray Matter” easily fit into Evan Weiss’ catalogue. “Rock Springs” is reminiscent of emo pop-punk Into It. Over It.’s album “Proper,” by combining energetic strumming with interesting and slightly twinkly guitar lines. These combinations enable You Blew It! to ride and break from strides in songs, and display that they have matured in song writing since the release of “Grow Up, Dude.” “Gray Matter,” is without a doubt my favorite song on the album. The verse is calm and collected before feedback fades into the mix leading to a sudden transition into a fast paced and intense chorus where vocalist/guitarist Tanner Jones confesses “I’m starting to realize/ that I’m wasting my time/ defending every single circle that you’re spinning.”
“A Different Kind of Kindling” slows things down by melodically starting with only the lines, “I’ll find solace in anything that isn’t this/Guess I shouldn’t have been asking questions/I hoped would stay answerless.” This tune possesses a slower and more sad ambience than the rest of the songs on the album, and therefore works as an interesting break from the more rock-like songs otherwise featured on the album.
“Keep Doing What You’re Doing” was the first release of 2014 that I was really looking forward to, and I was very pleased by You Blew It!’s ability to create energetic and fun pop-rock emo songs that are entertaining even after several listens. On each listen I feel like a new lyric or melody gets stuck in my head. You Blew It! seem to have grown a lot since the release of “Grow Up, Dude” in both lyrical content and song writing skills, and I’d recommend this album to any indie/emo rock fan.



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