GSG releases proposed constitution, requires 750 votes

Samantha Cooper
News Editor

The Student Government Association held a meeting on March 31 to discuss the

Billy Daly ‘16 speaking to the Goucher community about the proposed constitution (Photo: Chrisotpher Riley)

Billy Daly ‘16 speaking to the Goucher community about the proposed constitution (Photo: Chrisotpher Riley)

changes that will occur in the Goucher student government if the proposed constitution is ratified. The proposal, which requires 750 student signatures, will change the student government drastically.
The proposed student government will consist of three parts: the Senate, the Club Council and the Student Empowerment Association (SEA). Both the Senate and Club Council have been completely re-envisioned and an entirely new section of the government has been added. The student government will also be re-named the Goucher Student Government because the name SGA “wasn’t representative of the students,” said Billy Daly ‘16, a member of the constitution committee.
The new senate will consist of one president, a secretary, and fifteen senators: five each from the sophomore, junior and senior classes. The secretary will not be elected but rather chosen through an application process. The senators will be elected. One senator will be chosen to be a representative for the Social Justice Committee. The senators will be divided into four committees: the Committee on Administration Affairs, the Committee on Alumnae/i Affairs, the Committee on Academic Affairs and the Committee on Staff Affairs.
The Club Council will consist of twelve members from twelve different clubs on campus. Each semester, twelve clubs will be randomly selected to participate on the Council, the club members must decide on one person to serve. The Council will also have an administrator, treasurer and council members. The Club Council will be in charge of creating ways for clubs to interact with each other and help plan the major events for each month.
The Student Empowerment Association (SEA) will be the newest part of the proposed Goucher Student Government (GSG). The positions have naval-themed names: Admiral, Cartographer, and Officers. There will be sixteen officers, four from each year, that will be chosen by elections. These sixteen officers will be divided into four sections, and one student from each year will participate in each section. One student from each section will be a “captain” or division head. The SEA will be in charge of planning and hosting events with Club Council  and building Goucher’s community
There are many goals that the GSG has set for itself.  Some of the goals are: a trampoline on the quad, bringing President Barack Obama to campus, building a multi-cultural center on campus, making Goucher 100 percent solar, fill the bleachers at every sporting event, and, of course, making Goucher accessible and affordable to everybody.
The reasons for the changes in student government were simple: low interest and skewed representation. Though the government developed the Goucher Student Assembly so that students would be able to participate, it was not a large success. The new student government will comprise of fifty-six members, from all years and will allow more people to participate. Senators will serve a full calendar year from January to December. Club delegates will only serve for a semester and the SEA members will be elected every semester as well. These new terms will give more students the chance to serve as a member of the government, and most importantly, allow juniors who will be abroad for a semester the chance to be a part of GSG. Previously, most positions were held for a school year, meaning that students that were gone for a semester during the school year weren’t be able to serve at all.
Of course, there is no guarantee that the proposal will pass. Seven hundred and fifty student signatures, around half of the student population, are needed in order to make the proposal pass. With all of the other changes happening at Goucher, including President Ungar leaving, GSG stresses that it is up to the Goucher students to decide what kind of school they want.



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