“Home Away From Home,” a student art showcase

Ryan Derham
Co-Global Editor

The latest student art show, compiled by Sara Nuttle ‘14 and Ariella Rodban ‘14,

Sara Nuttle ‘14 and Ariella Rodban ‘14 at their show opening in Meyerhoff Art Gallery (Photo courtesy of Ariella Rodban)

Sara Nuttle ‘14 and Ariella Rodban ‘14 at their show opening in Meyerhoff Art Gallery (Photo courtesy of Ariella Rodban)

titled “Home Away From Home,” depicts their collaborative works representing their time abroad. At Goucher, many students go abroad and return with many memories and stories, but few have outlets to express those moments. Nuttle and Rodban both felt strongly about their time abroad and were happy to create a show solely on the places that they now call their second homes.
Nuttle originally approached Rodban with the idea for the exhibit. She has struggled with connecting with people upon returning to Goucher and she “thought it would be nice, because this is a common experience, to have it in an exhibit and have people who haven’t studied abroad come and see it. … And people who have already studied abroad … could come and see it and relate to it,” Nuttle said.
Rodban had taken many photos while abroad but had not shown them to anybody. For her, it was too soon. But the exhibit gave her the opportunity to go through all those memories again. As she was compiling her work, she picked images of things she “saw on a daily basis that just felt like home to me,” she said. For both students, their work represents homes, relationships, and goodbyes.
On reflecting on the exhibit, Nuttle said these goodbyes were difficult, but also the main source of her inspiration. Her favorite piece is a set of jars with names on the outside. These represent the people that she met, but when lit, the white jars show you “the story behind the person and what I learned from them.”
Rodban’s favorite piece was an image of her front door, because “that’s what I saw every morning and every night when I came home ,and that was truly my home there.”
Their artwork wove an important story about where we call home and who the people are that belong there. We may yearn to return to these people and places, but for right now, we may only have these memories. It is important to have a visual representation of this experience, because it is something all of us at Goucher must go through.
Nuttle and Rodban found this project difficult not only because they are facing more goodbyes along with graduation, but also because it caused them to relive the experiences. Rodban says creating the exhibit, “made me miss it and I definitely got teary-eyed a few times.”
Through their work, we gain a little insight into their experiences and are allowed a window into their memories.
Nuttle reflects by saying that “the ideas came so easily because there’s a lot to work from studying abroad,” but she wanted to be sure that she is “portraying the ideas the right way.”
Their collaborative show is aesthetically pleasing, in regards to these technical details, but the content and the emotion of the work is what makes it truly beautiful.


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