Letters from Berlin: Stammtisch

Ruby Tucker
Staff Writer

It is 12:15 p.m. on this beautiful Friday morning and remains from last nights damage surround me. I’m sure that most of us have been there, where the ruins of the night before stare you right in the face the moment you wake up. The empty wine bottle, 197 matches on my tinder (yes world I have one, which is another article for another time), and of course the inevitable dirty dishes all around me. Not having class on Friday is a blessing and a curse. Here I have a lovely lengthy addition to my weekend, yet it is also an excuse to waste a perfectly beautiful day. Whenever Thursday rolls around it is a tradition at my school to go to an event called “Stammtisch” where everyone meets at a designated bar to get drinks and practice their German. However, inevitably not much Deutsch discussion goes down. This weekly event has become a staple in my Berliner life routine. It is really the only community time I have with my peers and it is just pure fun. I find it interesting that this is a time in some of our lives where it is somewhat acceptable to “waste time.” Now, this is not an article supporting hangovers, drinking, or the act of slacking off, but I think it is nice to simply acknowledge that college is a time in our lives, or at least in mine, where I am okay with the fact that I spend my Fridays alarm-less and utterly plan-less. I think I owe it to myself, and this time, to loosen up and not worry about “wasting time,” especially if that time is fun. I have my Fridays free to do whatever I want, and I know one day those will be a rare gift. So today, on this Friday, I have decided that sometimes waking up to “damage” isn’t all that bad. In fact, it is a nice reminder that sometimes a little craziness in life makes life worth living. It reminds me that I am young, and I have a lot more time in the future to be responsible. Besides, it is always a fun surprise when you wake up remembering the conversation last night about planning a date the next day.

Until next time, 




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