Smart Art: Everywhere you looked there was art

Sara Torgerson
Arts Editor

How can we bring art culture to the American public? It seems as though museum

Photo: Google Images

Photo: Google Images

culture is reserved for a small class of people, normally seen as elitist, and that the general public only visits museums on special occasions, or not at all. This summer, art is being brought out of the museum and to the American public.
 The New York Times reported on Sunday, April 6 that five of America’s leading museums, The Whitney in New York, the National Gallery in D.C., Chicago Institute of Art, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art are working in collaboration with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America to exhibit reproductions of famous American works of art on billboards from coast to coast.
Museum directors and the OAAA created the project as a way to bring more people into galleries and museums as well as promote business for billboard advertising.
Each museum selected 20 iconic works from their collections to be voted on by the public at until May 7. The 50 selected pieces will be announced on June 20 and displayed in August. The option to vote helps make this project even more interactive. Not only is art moving outside the museum and reaching a general public, but it is actually chosen by the public. Americans will have curated the art we will see in the coming months. Thus, this project celebrates all that is American democracy, the right to partake in culture, and will honor the past artists who made American art great.



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