Women’s Lacrosse makes some noise in the Landmark Conference

Sarah Pardus
Chief Copy Editor

The women’s lacrosse team is making program history. For the first time since 2001, before Goucher joined the Landmark Conference, the Gophers are

Women’s Lacrosse against United States Merchant Marine (Photo: Christopher Riley)

Women’s Lacrosse against United States Merchant Marine (Photo: Christopher Riley)

2-0 in their conference season. The team has been successful out of conference play as well, with a record of 6-4. This record ties them with Catholic University and leaves them just half a point behind top seed Susquehanna.
The most remarkable aspect of the season this year is the way the points are distributed amongst the team. While they are arguably one of the smallest teams in the league right now, they are proving themselves to be just as strong as their larger competitors. The team has played many of their games “man-down” due to injuries and a lack of players to sub in, but many of the girls believe it has bonded them as a team. With fewer players, they are able to learn each others mannerisms better and are therefore more comfortable playing with one another.
Co-captain Rita Meissner ‘15 said of the year, “I think it’s going great; it’s been a fun and challenging season, and I see this program turning into a major success.” The midfielder also attributed the success of the team this year to new head coach Ceri Miller. Meissner commented that she is a “perfect fit for the program” and has contributed to the development of the team as a whole.
With four games to go, the team has already surpassed the number of wins they had last year, proving that this season is a vast improvement over recent years. They may be small, but they are a cohesive unit, making this season a winning one. Meissner said of her teammates, “I love the girls I play with, and I’m happy to be a part of this program.”
The next home game is against Susquehanna on April 26, but there are two other games in the meantime to cheer the Gophers on from afar, so next time you see one of the lacrosse players, wish them luck as they move deeper into their conference season.



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