Athlete Profile: Claire Lippay, Women’s Lacrosse

Jessica Gude
Staff Writer

Claire Lippay, a freshman from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, has been playing lacrosse since the seventh

Claire Lippay ‘17 on Beldon Field (Photo: Anna Martin)

Claire Lippay ‘17 on Beldon Field (Photo: Anna Martin)

grade. When her local softball league didn’t have enough girls to make a team, Lippay decided to try a different spring sport. After some encouragement and positive peer pressure from some friends, Lippay joined the lacrosse team. That decision was a good one, as she realized she “loved it immediately.” Six years later, during the arduous process of choosing a college, Lippay stumbled on Goucher, but not through the lacrosse program.
“I found Goucher because of its academic and study abroad program,” She said. “I showed up at admitted students day and told them that I’d like to play. Lacrosse was kind of the icing on the cake for Goucher.”
The icing on the cake, indeed. Lippay, who plays defense, has already had a good season. Eighteen groundballs (when the player picks up the ball after it has been dropped by the other team) and 12 caused turnovers (where the defensive player gains control of the ball after contact with another player, ball, or crosse) give Lippay impressive statistics. But it’s not just about what happens on the field. Lippay says that her favorite thing about playing lacrosse at Goucher is her team. “Though we [are] lacking numbers, we don’t let that stand in our way. Everyone is out there playing for each other [and] for the team. And I love that. This team is really dedicated to the sport and to each other, and puts everything they have into the game.”
When asked what her favorite thing about the sport, Lippay’s answer was short and sweet. “Just the feel of it,” she said. Even though the current season is winding down, Lippay has a promising future on the team in her next three years at Goucher. Her plans for after school? “Become a teacher, see the world. Maybe even coach lax too.” One way or another, it seems that lacrosse will certainly be in her future.



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