Club Profile: Philosophy Club, Veritas

Tori Russell
Staff Writer

Ve·ri·tas: noun: truth.
Goucher’s philosophy club stands by their name, Veritas, which means truth. There is not one philosophy

Veritas members discussing student papers (Photo courtesy of Veritas Facebook Page)

Veritas members discussing student papers (Photo courtesy of Veritas Facebook Page)

that they represent, but instead, they explore many different philosophies and philosophers. Club president Uri London ‘14 said, “We look at different philosophies: we talk about them, we dispute them. It is a club where everyone is welcome to bring up whatever they would like, be it classic – such as Aristotle, Plato, or Descartes – or controversial things such as porn as it relates to the internet, or feminism, or anything. Anything anyone wants to bring up, we will discuss.”
Right now, the club is mostly philosophy majors or those considering majoring or minoring in philosophy, and there are between 6-8 active members. The club is currently in the rebuilding stages, though London mentioned that it has been hard to sell a philosophy club to students. However, he said there are some positives to this: “We get to talk about classes we have taken, the different professors, and different philosophers and philosophies that interest us. We help each other out in choosing classes, with lowering anxiety when talking to a professor, and sometimes even with paper ideas.” London also noted that because they are all taking such similar classes, they have become very close outside of the club as well.
Something that makes Veritas so unique is the amount of support they receive from the philosophy department. Because the club works so closely with the majors and minors, the department is very willing to help. They don’t just help students plan events. Rather, London said that the department really treats students as their equals.
“They are advisors in the best sense,” he said. “We are the young ones running around doing [most of] the work, and they are the experienced ones there to help us along; we look to them for guidance.”
London also pointed out that while the department is helpful, they also make sure to give the students the independence to plan events on their own.
Every year, the club holds an undergraduate conference that is completely student run. This year, the event occured on April 5. Students from Goucher, the Collegetown network and beyond were invited to submit papers to present during the conference. Besides the keynote speaker, all of the conference’s presenters are undergraduate students. This year, Veritas had students submit work from Kentucky and Texas.
If you are looking to get involved, London mentioned two events that students can participate in. There is the annual Society of Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy conference and there is the annual philosophy conference at Goucher. If you are somebody looking to get involved with the philosophy major or minor, Veritas is a great place to get to know professors and the department as a whole.
The club meets every Sunday at 5:30 p.m. in the Heubeck Lounge. For more information, email Uri London at urlon001@mail.goucher.edu.



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