Dance Review: 2014 Goucher Repetory Dance Ensemble

Rachel Brustein
Co-Features Editor

The weekend of April 11, the Goucher Repertory Dance Ensemble performed its biannual concert, which

Students performing in Goucher College Repertory Dance Ensemble (Photo: Cuong Huy Nguyen)

Students performing in Goucher College Repertory Dance Ensemble (Photo: Cuong Huy Nguyen)

featured both ballet and modern dance. The theme of the performance was Past and Present, and therefore showcased performances that represented a variety of time periods throughout dance.
“Bournonville Divertissements,” a classical ballet piece en pointe, was originally choreographed in the 1800’s, and was staged by guest artist Nilas Martins. Julia Larcenaire ’16, who was in the piece, says “it’s always a wonderful experience to be in a residency with the guest artists.” Larcenaire was in other pieces as well, but “had the most fun onstage in ‘Bournonville Divertissements’ [because] it was quite different from the contemporary ballet works that we usually do at Goucher … [and it was] lighthearted and cheerful.”
“Episodes,” another piece en pointe staged by Martins, had a simplistic design. It was the largest piece, with sixteen dancers, and they all wore black leotards and pale pink tights, which allowed the audience to focus on the movement without sixteen costumes being a distraction.
“Jack? Jack. Jack!,” choreographed by two guest artists, Alex Springer and Xan Burley of the Median Movement, was the most atypical, as there was speaking. Additionally, the costumes were men’s pants and button down shirts, which changed the theme of the piece, straying from the normal tutu, skirt, or leotard and tights attire. Another unique piece, “Just Foolin’ Around” was a fun and 50’s-themed performance. The music was by Patsy Cline and the dancers wore poofy dresses. This piece was choreographed by dance faculty member Karissa Jones Horowicz, a Goucher alumnae.
Two pieces, “Really Is, Always Was,” and “There, But Not There” were choreographed by seniors Julia Corrigan and Ashley Daigle, respectively. Corrigan and Daigle choreographed their pieces last semester and were both “selected by the dance faculty to be adjudicated at the American College Dance Festival’s Mid Atlantic Conference,” Corrigan said, and therefore their work was also in the spring concert. For the show, Corrigan “focused on refining the timing, spacing, and quality of the dancers’ movements.”
Corrigan has worked with her peers as a choreographer for the past three years and finds it to “always be a rewarding and fun experience.” She is also grateful to have worked with “highly dedicated and invested” dancers whom she cast herself. Overall, Corrigan “enjoyed the journey my cast and I took together to look at embodied memory, or the way that past experiences and episodic memories are manifested in our bodies, through shared experience and community.”
This semester’s dance performance was excellent, and the Dance Department will be putting on a few more, smaller shows in the next few weeks.



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