Alumnae/i Weekend: Goucher says goodbye to Sandy Ungar

Rachel Brustein
Co-Features Editor

During this year’s annual Alumnae/i Weekend, which took place from April 25-27,

Members Goucher community gather in the Hyman Forum for a gala in honor of Sanford Ungar (Photo: Rachel Brustein)

Members Goucher community gather in the Hyman Forum for a gala in honor of Sanford Ungar (Photo: Rachel Brustein)

over 1,000 guests were welcomed for 65 events, both on and off campus. There were special events for the reunion classes, which were for alumnae/i who graduated in years ending in 4 and 9. Cori Tyner ’82, director of alumnae/i affairs said there was a “great turnout.”
A major part of the weekend is the Alumnae and Alumni of Goucher College (AAGC) Annual Meeting. The AAGC is the governing body of the alumnae/i association. The annual meeting brings classes together, recognizes donors, and presents awards. The Jenifer Mitchell Reed ’86 Young Alumnae/i Award went to Kate Howell Bullard ’04 and John Olszewski ’04. This award always goes to an alumna or alumnus who is five to ten years out of college, recognizing him or her for volunteer service. The Ethel Cockey ’23 Award went to Judith Brigstocke Hundertmark ’54. This award is also for volunteer service, but goes to a senior alumna or alumnus. Hundertmark’s mother was also a Goucher alumna and received the same award many years ago. The Dorothy Lamberton Clapp ’39 Award, for those who have donated generously to the college, went to Jean Daniels Hawley ’59 and Mary Cole Dickerman ’59. The most prestigious award the college can give to an alumnae/i, the Award for Excellence in Public Service, went to Sherry Bebitch Jeffe ’64, a political analyst, journalist, and scholar, for the service she has done for her community.
On Friday evening, the Dance Department had a celebration for Chrystelle Trump Bond for her fifty years of service to the dance program. This celebration included guest speakers and performances by the Goucher Repertory Dance Ensemble and Corégraphie Antique.
The largest event of the weekend was the gala on Saturday night, which celebrated and recognized outgoing President Sanford Ungar’s thirteen years of contributions to the college.  Peggy Larsen, assistant director of advancement services for data collection, who coordinated the event, said the party was initiated by the Board of Trustees and involved a planning committee, which included trustees, and people who work in the Alumnae/i Affairs and Office of Communications.
The event welcomed over 600 guests, including students, alumnae/i, faculty, and staff. There were a variety of speakers and tributes to Ungar, including a short video made by the Office of Communications, in which students thanked Ungar for his service to the school. According to Larsen, “the committee wanted to have every constituency of the college represented in the program.” Speakers included Chair of the Education Department La Jerne Cornish ‘83, M.Ed. ’94, Vice President of Finance Thomas Phizacklea, United States Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md), Chair of the Board of Trustees Norma Lynn Fox ‘76, Trustee Paul Powell ’03, and Lenna Blaser ‘14. Fox and trustee Marilyn Southard Warshawsky ’68 announced that the building is going to be renamed for Ungar, a decision that was voted on at recent Board of Trustees meeting. Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees Margaret M. Winslow ‘66 lead a toast to Ungar later on in the evening.
Larsen said her vision for the event was “a colorful and festive celebration for the campus community where we had an opportunity to honor and thank President Ungar” and is “pleased with the event.”
A unique aspect of Alumnae/i Weekend is that students and alumnae/i have the opportunity to interact with one another. Molly Sherwood ’15, who works both the Phone-a-thon in the Alumnae/i House and worked Alumnae/i Weekend this year said being able “to actually meet some of the people I’ve talked to on the phone is so awesome” and “connecting with alums who loved their time at Goucher … it makes me love and appreciate Goucher even more.”
Alycia Johnston ’15, the student intern in the Alumnae/i House, oversaw the work of all thirty-one students who worked the weekend. Johnston said a highlight of the weekend was the Parade of Classes on Saturday.
“[I enjoy] seeing sixty years of Goucher women and me all together in one place in their class colors [and] you don’t get to witness that much Goucher history every day,” She said. Johnston also made a present day yearbook for the Class of 1964 for their 50th reunion, called “The Donnybrook Revisited.” She did this by sending questionnaires to members of the Class of 1964 and created a page for each of them.
“Finally meeting the women I had learned so much about from a piece of paper was very amazing.”



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