Club profile: Chemistry club

Jessica Gude
Staff Writer

A common misconception about scientists is that they spend hours on end cooped up alone in a lab, surrounded by a jungle of beakers, burets, and Erlenmeyer flasks. While the forest of tools may be correct, the solidarity certainly isn’t. As anyone who has ever been in Hoffberger Science can tell you, scientists are anything but solitariness. Science, especially today, is a team effort. Scientists spend time together both in the lab and outside of it. This sense of scientific community is evident at Goucher and is embodied by the Goucher Chemistry Club. The club has several events throughout the year that bring together students and professors from the Chemistry and Biology departments.
At the top of everyone’s list is Souper Supper. Several Goucher Chemistry professors have been known to claim that “Chemistry is just like cooking – but don’t lick the spoon.” They put this to the test during National Chemistry week. Once a year, each professor brings in a pot of soup, and tables and chairs are set up haphazardly in the Chemistry breezeway so that students, professors, family members, and alumni can enjoy a bowl (or two or three) of soup together. It’s a great (and delicious) way to bring out feelings of community on a chilly fall day. While there is often interaction outside of the classroom any day of the year, Souper Supper is something special.
Other fun Chem Club activities include tie dyeing, a Christmas party, and an annual Chemistry Banquet. This year’s banquet included wonderful food, an incredible speaker, and an epic game of Alumni vs. Faculty Family Feud. It was an appropriate game to play, because the more time one spends with the Chemistry Department, the more one realizes just how much of a family it is.
Current Club President Julia Nguyen ‘15 summed it up when she said, “I think the greatest thing about Chem club is that we provide the opportunity for students to connect with the professors outside of the classroom. And the support that the professors give us is just tremendous.”
For anyone interested in chemistry, science, or just finding a place to have fun, Chemistry Club is the place to be. It’s guaranteed to make you happier than an atom with eight electrons.


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