GSG Constitution Committee requires 100 signatures to ratify by end of academic year

Samantha Cooper
News Editor

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and with it comes the deadline for the new Constitution proposal. According to sophomore and SGA member Billy Daly, only around 100 more student signatures are needed for the bill to pass. The proposal for Goucher’s new student government requires signatures from 750 students, which is half of Goucher’s undergraduate population, in order to pass. The proposal has been already been signed by around 652 students as of press time.
The students who developed the proposal are pushing to get the final signatures so they can get the proposal ratified before the end of the school year. According to Daly, he and nine other students had to shift their strategy and decided to implement a letter writing campaign. The group also reached out to students who had expressed interests in signing the proposal but who had not signed it for one reason or another. Each of the group’s 10 members pledged that they would try to gather 10 signatures.
The signature-gathering process was halted after the sudden and tragic passing of sophomore Matthew Gabriel. The process was started again about a week later, and will continue until the end of the school year.
If the proposal passes, the new Goucher Student Government (GSG) will be initiated in stages rather than all at once. The changes that will occur are so significant, the entire new GSG may take an entire school year to complete.
According to Daly, the Student Empowerment Association (SEA) will be the first part of the new government installed, as it’s “the easiest.”
Since the SEA is completely new to Goucher, it won’t affect anyone currently holding an office in student government. The Student Empowerment Association will focus on planning events for Goucher’s student population and will work closely with the Club Council. The SEA will also work towards building Goucher’s student community. The two other sections of the government will be the Senate and the Club Council. Both sections currently exist in the SGA, but have been completely re-envisioned and re-organized by the proposal. They will take longer to install.
Daly said that he would like to see “a cultural revolution” at Goucher. He said he would like to have more traditions established, such as everyone holding doors open for others, or move-in day traditions. He gave examples that happened in other schools but wishes Goucher would come up with its own. He explained that while events like GIG and Stimsgiving are important, smaller traditions are important as well. Daly believes that the establishment of smaller traditions will bring the Goucher community closer together. If the proposal passes then Goucher may begin to establish some of his ideas.
“Personally, I think this a great opportunity. Goucher is changing as a whole, The changes that are happening will reflect the other changes happening in Goucher,” Daly said referring to President Sanford Ungar’s stepping down, and the instatement of President Jose Bowen.
As of May 7, the Constitution has not been ratified.

*Since the publishing of this article the constitution has been ratified. Signs posted in Stimson Hall Monday May 12.



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