Scoop’s Corner: School’s out

Samantha Cooper
News Editor

Where has the time gone? It’s the end of the school year. Finals are coming. I’m practically a sophomore. Can somebody explain to me how this happened? Sometimes I feel as though I just got here and I’m still the girl who gets lost trying to find the entrance to Hoffberger. It feels as though the beginning of the year was a lifetime ago. That’s probably because so much has changed in the past nine months.
I know that I’m a different person now, but I’m not sure why and I’m not sure how. I just know something is different. Is it that I’m not living at home? Is that I’m in charge of myself, my food intake, my laundry, etc? Is it that weekends are dedicated more to homework than to friends? Is it that I’m slowly becoming an adult and the process is so slow that I’m not even realizing it? Part of me doesn’t want to recognize that I’ve grown up. Adulthood and self-sufficiency are only three years away now. That’s not very long. I probably shouldn’t think about it.
I should focus on my summer plans – my internship, what movies I’m going to see, what books I’m going to read, when I’m going to see my friends, what I’m going to do for my birthday – the fun things. It’s nothing too exciting, but considering I spent my whole summer last year doing nothing, it will be good to be productive again. I’m really looking forward to everything, but I am going to miss Goucher while I’m at home. I’ve missed it during the Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks, so I know I’m going to miss it during the summer.
I won’t miss the homework, or the food, or my over-heated dorm room, but I’ll miss the atmosphere, the freedom, the people, and The Q.  At least I know most of these will be waiting for me when I return, but some won’t. Some of the people I’ve met will be graduating and going on to the next stage of life, like grad school, or jobs, or whatever else people do after college. But that also means there will be a whole new crop of people when I return. And my next step to world domination will begin… Forget you heard that.
See you all in the fall.



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