Smart Art: A challenge to experience the art of living

Sara Torgerson
Arts Editor

Dear Reader,

This is the last Smart Art article I’ll write you and the last time you’ll see an Arts section in The Q. The past couple of years writing for The Quindecim has been my pleasure. I hope all who read this have enjoyed reading my articles as much as I’ve loved writing them. That said, I will start this final article.
What type of art will you make? I’m not talking about physical manifestations of art like sculpture or painting, but a metaphysical art. The type of art that is intention and creation. The art that is solely your own medium and is entirely up to you to put out into the universe. This art is your passion, it is the small rings of change that you as a person will make –big or small, positive or negative.
These are the thoughts that keep me up at night. What is my art? Though I’m not entirely sure what I’ll put out into the world, I find that this is the time for figuring it out. As I leave college, I realize that this is the transition that forces my peers and me to look at our lives and act. This is a time in life where we can’t tread water without drowning. So, long-winded as this is, and not about traditional art, I wonder what your medium is? Are you living your life with a sense or artistry? Are you creating something by learning, or meeting new people, finding a job, finding a lover, falling in love, or doing anything that qualifies as living life? Or are you a passive bystander of life –an anti-artist.
If that is the case, I challenge you to do something. I encourage you to live life creatively, to practice the art of living. Get interested, become interesting, and put your art into the world, whether its making sculpture, finding a job, or helping people. Just make art because by doing so you bring people together  – and isn’t that what art is supposed to do in the first place?



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