Staff profile: Stacy Cooper Patterson, OSE

Rachel Brustein
Co-Features Editor

Stacy Cooper Patterson has been working at Goucher since 2001 and has served in

Director of Student Engagement Stacy Cooper Patterson (Photo: Courtesy of Patterson)

Director of Student Engagement Stacy Cooper Patterson (Photo: Courtesy of Patterson)

four different positions during her time here. Currently she is the director of Student Engagement, a position she has held for almost a year, but she began as the director of Residence Life (now Community Living), then as a career counselor in the Career Development Office, and most recently as the associate director of leadership development in the Office of Student Engagement (OSE).
Patterson has a variety of responsibilities including serving as the advisor to Goucher Student Government (GSG) and all class councils, running leadership development programming, and helping clubs with finances. Within leadership development, Patterson oversees the Emerging Leaders program for first-year students, the Goucher Leadership Council (GLC) for juniors and seniors, the Senior Leadership Capstone, and leadership awards.
Patterson enjoys her job because she is able to get to know students and “forge relationships” throughout her daily interactions with them. She loves the GLC and Senior Leadership Capstone because it gives older students a chance to reflect on their leadership development throughout their time at Goucher.
Patterson notes that the GLC allows students who are already leaders on campus to “examine how they lead … and different approaches that they take to leadership.” A great aspect of this, she says, is that “in any given year, the group comes together to decide what they want to be,” and that it changes year to year as different students participate in the program.
The Capstone, Patterson says, is a “fantastic” program where students are able to “make meaning of their four years here.”
In OSE, Patterson strives to “create a vibrant sense of community” that is “student-oriented.” She says that she, along with her team members in OSE, Christine Kreiger and Aisha Rivers, want to “support students [who] come up with creative ideas and see those events happen.”
“One of Stacy’s most valuable attributes is her ability to listen and empathize even within points of disagreement [and] I always leave conversations with her feeling that I was heard and I appreciate her for that,” Rivers said.
Erin Snyder ’17, who serves on her class council, feels “so grateful that I was able to work with Stacy as much as I did this past year … she never fails to make me smile.”
Patterson became interested in doing the work that she does because she “loves college” and wants to be able to help students throughout this formative experience, and “impact their experience for the better.”



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