Umoja fashion show a success

Jonathan Trauner
Staff Writer

This year’s Umoja Fashion Show graced Goucher’s Hyman Forum on Saturday, May 3, and based on the huge turnout, I think it’s safe to say that the show was a huge hit. From out-of-this-galaxy dance moves by the many talented students of the dance team to the old-school finesse of the hip-hop team, the 2014 Fashion Show had it all.
Two moments really stood out to me: the Step Team’s riveting and graceful step performance and the amazing runway performances that featured incredibly talented dancers and models. International Essence was completely in sync, and the models’ glitter and outfits were incredible.
I used to think that glamour was mere artistry. I never looked into the love, grace, and emotional power that dance and step told. I feel like I have been enlightened through the courage of the human soul and spirit.
The incredible choreography created a fire and ice effect, and this amazing force pulsated back into the audience directly. That force of synchronization came entirely from all the participants, from the rap artist and models, to the stage directors and photographers. When the hip-hop team said, “Ready team,” I was proud to call myself a Gopher. The fashion show models, participants, photographers, and coordinators taught me that without teamwork, our world would be nothing.
The forces of good and evil constantly battle, but it is through passion and bravery that we keep good  alive. The courage necessary to take on a battle requires the fire of human passions and the love of all artists and life changers throughout our world. At the end of the night, when everyone was cheering, it was clear that everyone felt united in celebration of the end of a great year. I always believed in the power of movements and togetherness. When the stage is set, and the lights shine down, that’s how you’ll be remembered. When the stage is set, and the lights of faith lift you up through your presence, that faith will always move others. And that is one way you can leave indelible impacts on your world forever.



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