College responds to emails sent to members of grad department

Rachel Brustein

On August 31, Goucher president Jose Bowen sent out an email to the college community explaining that “three very disturbing email messages containing racist language” had been sent to students, staff, and faculty in the Graduate Programs in Education. The first two of the three emails referenced were sent on August 26, and the third was sent on August 29.

Both Public Safety and the Baltimore County Police Department (BCPD) were notified. Richard Puller, the Director of Public Safety, said that on the day the emails were received, “Goucher College officials…reached out to the parties involved to advise that we were aware of the emails.” Puller also added that no more of these emails have been sent since August 29, and the police are continuing to investigate.

Bowen made it clear that these emails had not come from a Goucher email address, but rather someone pretending to be from Goucher with the email He also stressed the importance of notifying Public Safety if one were to receive another email with offensive content. Additionally, Bowen encouraged students to attend last week’s “Listen in/Speak Out” discussion about race and the recent incidents in Ferguson, Missouri, and to use the discussion as an opportunity to further our campus discourse on race.

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