Field Hockey Team fundraises for trip abroad

Litza Jimenez

Staff Writer

For the first time in Goucher history the field hockey team will travel abroad to strengthen their field hockey skills and their bonds as a team. All twenty-two players will travel to Argentina to train in a rich field hockey environment, filled with stiff Argentinian competition. “There are three countries known for Field Hockey: Australia, Argentina and the Netherlands,” explained team captain Justine Ruhlin ‘15. Argentina has most recently won the Women’s Field Hockey World Cup.

The team will have many unique experiences while abroad. “When we get there,” Ruhlin added, “we will be working with some of their national and Olympic coaches.”  In order to compete abroad, Goucher’s field hockey team must learn the international field hockey rules which are often passed down until they become official rules in college. Taylor Striar, a sophomore on the field hockey team, explained they will “see what the new rules are for international hockey,” enabling them to better “know what to expect for college,” in coming years.

Even before planning their trip to Argentina, the women on Goucher’s field hockey team formed a tight bond. While starting in a new school can be difficult, Striar remembers that with field hockey, “it wasn’t just like you were that awkward freshman, you automatically came in with a family.” But as head coach Megan Williams explains, getting to “be away with the team in a new place, getting to see new things,” will allow the team to grow even closer together in what is “definitely a hotspot for hockey.”

In order to embark on this trip the team has been working hard to fundraise on top of preparing for their current season. Goal clubs have made up a large portion of the money raised so far, which allow donors to pledge donations to the team for specific achievements such as goals, shut outs, or defensive saves. The team has has designed and sold t-shirts, but as Ruhlin points out, “a sophmmore did that, it’s not just the coach or the seniors, everyone is participating.” Through these fundraisers, Goucher’s field hockey team is over halfway to their fundraising goal. Now they are in their “final push,” according to Coach Williams, as they leave for Argentina on December 12th. The team will continue to sell t-shirts and baseball game tickets on campus. You can also “like” the team on Facebook to stay informed on their latest fundraisers and events. While the trip may only be 10 days, team captain Ruhlin is sure “the effects from Argentina will be seen for a long time after.”


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