Tilling it Like it Is: The new queens of green

Todd Troester

Staff Writer

Goucher College has come into a year of change. The old ways are getting a taste of something new. Just last week GESAC(Goucher Environmental Student Advisory Council) announced two new co-chairs. Therese Neal, Associate Director of Operations and Budget of FMS has been a member of GESAC since its conception in 2007. Neal has returned as Co-Chair after a year’s hiatus. She is joined by Gina Shamshak, Assistant Professor of Economics and adviser to Goucher’s Agricultural Cooperative. Shamshak brings a fresh perspective, new ideas, and a commitment to Goucher College that matches the commitment of Neal.

The addition of Shamshak’s new blood to the long-standing GESAC organization comes at a slight cost. The biggest struggle, says Shamshak, is the learning curve. “There’s a lot to do,” Shamshak states, but she indicates that she’s ready and able to do everything required in order to be an excellent Co-Chair. Neal also expresses the difficulty of balancing all the responsibilities of GESAC and the Green Fund with that of the abundant responsibilities of her position in FMS.

Learning a new system isn’t the only worry of the new Co-Chairs. With rising tuition and departmental cutbacks the GESAC team is concerned with the inherent costs of new programs and policies. “Doing more with less,” will be a common theme for GESAC, states Shamshak. Although innovation isn’t a new concept for the pair, “We’re ready to find the best way to achieve the common goal,” says Neal. Further, Shamshak’s economic expertise is sure to help balance what is most economically feasible with what is most environmentally sustainable.

Neal and Shamshak are excited for the new academic year. Neal discusses the opportunities: “We want to broaden campus involvement and make GESAC more inclusive.” Shamshak also plays with the idea of “expanding GESAC’s scope” to more students and possibly the community outside Goucher College. The pair also expressed the need for GESAC to get back on track and start creating policies and putting them in writing. There is also a need for advertisement. “We do so much for the environment but we struggle to advertise,” says the pair. “Goucher is green at heart,” declares Shamshak, “and it’s about time we start telling people.”

To learn more about GESAC, the Green Fund, and what Goucher is doing for the environment search “Sustainability” on the Goucher home page!

Goucher Fact of the Week: last year Goucher College’s compost program diverted 47.023 tons of its food waste out of the landfill to transform it into compost.


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