GoHo opens

Madeline St. John

Staff Writer

On Thursday, September 4th, the Gopher Hole officially opened, and the first open-mic night of the year occurred.The performances ranged from poetry to flute music to A Cappella. Many of the open-mic performers were first years.

“It’s fun when first years are part of the community like that. It is indicative of Goucher that people were willing to get up there and perform,” Camile Muson ‘16, the current Gopher Hole manager said.

The GoHo, as it is known by Goucher population, is located under Pearlstone and is a favorite hangout for many students. Muson describes it as a “student-run community space where people can eat food, do homework, and build community.”

The GoHo is the only place on campus that is completely run by Goucher students. “It is student run and all the events are student run. Other places on campus might be run by an outside company but the GoHo is just students,” Team Member Morgan Betancourt said.

“The GoHo used to be called ‘The Cave’ back when Goucher was all women,” Aisha Rivers, the Assistant Director of the Office of Student En Engagement said. “It has always been a underground space, which gives it its eclectic atmosphere.”                                                                                This year, the GoHo is going through several changes, including the names of workers. “The old title [of the job] was the GoHo Server and it was changed to GoHo Team Member because the job is more than just creating food and serving food. You want to meet people and create relationships,” Rivers explained. She described this year’s staff as “people who want to be here, who want to invest.” On opening night, Team Members who were not scheduled to work came just to help out.”

The GoHo hosts a variety activities each year, including open-mic nights, arts and crafts, and live music.

“It is interesting to see how the atmosphere changes based on the people who are there. One night there was an impromptu dance party, almost,  Nakpangi Ali ‘17, another “GoHo team member said.

This year, students should look out for GoHo activities, including first Thursday open-mic nights, second Thursday craft nights, and monthly pub nights for those who are twenty-one and up.

“If people have suggestions, they can always reach out to anyone who works here,” Rivers said. Students are also welcome to leave ideas in the suggestion box.


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