“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get my consent”

Marlee Goldshine


The Slutwalk was an incredible event to be a part of planning and attending. I did not go to the event last year, so I didn’t know what to expect from the rally that Saturday morning on September 6. It was such a great experience! FemCo brought so many students to a city-wide event. There was not very much time to advertise and solidify planning. The day of the event was overwhelming because so many first-years met us on the res quad with excitement. We scrambled to find drivers that morning, which is such a great problem to have, but we had too many people interested and not enough transportation. We rented zipcars and taxis in order to have all of our participants at the walk.

     Everyone participating in the event met in Baltimore and prepared to march on the streets in solidarity of combating street harassment. Men, women, and those who do not identify within the gender binary participated and wore anything from pants and a tee shirt, to just underwear, or a tutu and tape over their nipples. Signs were homemade and meaningful, expressing thoughts on consent and ending slut-shaming and rape culture. We screamed chants like, “yes means fuck me and no means fuck you.”

     The message of the event is to fight street harassment, and this issue is so important.

Unfortunately we were catcalled even during the event. This showed that the event is vital and prevalent. While I walked the streets, I held a sign that read, “if you wanna be my lover you gotta get my consent.” I hope that some people driving and walking by got the message that street harassment needs to end today.


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