Rambling Ruby: Sundays at the farmers’ market

Ruby Tucker

Staff Writer

For the past two Sundays, I have been going to the Farmers Market in Baltimore, off of the I-83. It has become such a nice ritual, waking up at 10 am with friends, interacting with people who produce fresh, beautiful produce and products, and just getting out and starting my day. I have been making an effort to go more green using less plastic, drinking from a re-useable glass water bottle, buying local produce, and exploring more thrift stores. This is all thanks to my consumerism and the environment class. It is interesting how one class can spark-up a new way of looking at your life and changing how you go about your life.

I normally spend my Sundays sleeping until noon, rolling out of bed for Stimson brunch and then spending a few hours doing nothing with my life and suddenly it’s time for dinner.  However, for the past two weekends, it has been refreshing switching things up. It is exciting having something on my to-do list on Sundays that I actually want to do. I love bringing my friends, catching up as we navigate our way through the different tables, and knowing that I am buying things that are good for me and good for the community. Not only has it become a nice lifestyle change, but it has also been a way for me to get more acquainted with the city. It’s nice to feel a part of a community besides Goucher.

Plus, I found so many amazing goodies at the market too, from fresh locally grown flowers, homemade almond butter, honey, and jam, and the traditional cup of Zeke’s iced coffee. Besides fresh produce, there are stands of local restaurants making food, as well as a truck filled with vintage furniture, shea butter, and incense. This has become a Sunday tradition of mine that I look forward to every weekend.



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