Scoop’s Corner: advice to freshmen

Samantha Cooper

News Editor

Now that the first month of college is up, I thought it would be a good time to give advice to the freshmen. This is partially because I can’t think of another topic and partially because there are a few things I had to learn the hard way, and I don’t want anyone else going through what I had to endure. So here’s “How to Survive Your Freshman Year (And The Rest) Relatively Unscathed:”

1) Never leave your laptop unattended in the library. Ever. No exceptions. Find somebody to watch it or take it with you. I don’t care where you’re going. Never leave it alone. Understand?

2) Always back up your laptop. Use an external hard drive or a USB stick to back up all your files at least once a week.

3) Remember the Murphy’s Law of College: Whatever can go wrong will go wrong — especially if it’s before something important like an essay, project or finals week. There is just no way to avoid this. At some point in your college career, something will go wrong at the worst possible time.

4) Always be prepared. You can’t avoid Murphy’s Law but you can certainly lessen the blows.

5) Find that time of day when you’re the most productive. Morning, afternoon, early evening, night and reserve it for doing your work. No exceptions.

6) Also find the time of day when you’re no longer productive and make sure you have all or most of your work done by then.

7) Remember to eat and sleep. Both are important for survival.

8) Have one night a week reserved for you: watch Netflix, order takeout, read, paint your nails, go to the mall, hang out with friend, whatever you find relaxing.

9) Buy or rent all the books for your classes. Ignore what all the websites say. You will probably need them.

10)  And of course, do your homework and go to class. That’s why you’re in college.

I know some of these things sound a little ridiculous, but hey – it’s better to hear from someone else than learning it on your own. I wish I had.

Top Ten Tips

1) Never leave your stuff unattended

2)  Crashes happen. Back up your laptop.

3) It’s okay if things go wrong.

4) Always be prepared.

5) When you sit down to do work, make sure you’re actually doing work.

6) Relax!

7) Eat and sleep regularly.

8) Make sure you have some “me” time

9) Make sure you have all of your books.

10) Do homework and go to class.


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