Tilling it Like it Is: Old green meets new green

Todd Troester

Staff Writer

In 2012, four environmental clubs came together to create the first Environmental Coalition at Goucher College. The group included Ag Co-op, GEAR, Earth Works and the Green House. Together, the Environmental Coalition organized and planned events like Earth Day, Harvest Fest, and Sustainable Beer and Wine night. Unfortunately, as the leaders graduated or went abroad, the Coalition fell apart and each of the clubs went back to their own activities.

The purpose of the Environmental Coalition was to create a unified group for a common cause, to pool resources, and to support each other in events and activities. Over the past few years, two environmental clubs have gone inactive, three have been created, and all of them are experiencing changes. Claire Donnelly ’17, one of the leaders of GEAR and Co-Organizer of the new Environmental Coalition said, in regards to GEAR, “Our leadership is changing from one person to three.” Maren Stunes ’17, President of Ag Co-op, commented on Ag Co-op’s similar situation, “We’re all adjusting to our new positions.” Changes at Goucher will also affect the environmental clubs. Hannah Spiegelman ’15, one of the leaders from the Food Recovery Network expressed issues regarding working with the new Bon Appetit Chef and General Manager.

In order to address these changes and help the environmental clubs organize and use their resources efficiently, Donnelly and I decided to restart the Environmental Coalition. With my knowledge of Goucher College and Donnelly’s passion and dive it was the perfect opportunity to bring the clubs together. This first meeting was held on Thursday of last week. The group discussed common goals, struggles, and upcoming events. Stunes invited the environmental clubs to participate in the upcoming event, Fall Into Goucher (FIG), “We’re aiming to make this event into a huge cross section of clubs, while also celebrating Goucher’s tradition of Harvest Fest.” Scott Witte ’16, President of the Marine Conservation Club also brought up the idea for a week-long festival in the spring, hopefully to be called “Green Week.”

The group discussed upcoming events and how the Coalition will lend support to the events. Marine Conservation plans on showing Disney’s “Oceans” some time this October. Similarly, Food Recovery Network also hopes to show documentaries throughout the year. Other initiatives include eliminating plastic bottles from campus, led by Max Coon-Williams ’17 of GEAR. Goucher has a variety of environmental clubs on campus and they offer many opportunities for students to get involved. If you’re interested in getting in contact with any of the clubs, search “Student Organizations” on Goucher College’s website.

Goucher Fact of The Week: All residential buildings are equipped with low-flow showerheads!


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