Welcome to Thormann

Litza Jimenez &

Annie Schwartz

Staff Writers

When we first found out we would be living in a quad, we were concerned, to say the least. Each of us emailed the others, attempting to place a positive spin on the situation. As transfer students, many of us had never shared a room with total strangers. Most of us brought as little as possible because we assumed our rooms would be overcrowded. On August 20th, we finally got a good look at the room we would be staying in for the next semester. We were pleasantly surprised. This wasn’t your typical dorm room, but a full-size classroom.

     If you haven’t already heard, Thormann rocks. Never did we think that we would be able to do so many activities in a dorm room. Not only do we have a dining room table for homework and crafts, but there is also plenty of space for group yoga or cartwheeling. Did I forget to mention the built-in, wall-to-wall shelving? What about the whiteboards and chalkboards, perfect for studying anytime, day or night. With so much space, there’s no need to worry about getting on your roomie’s nerves. Everybody has their private area to hang out or take a nap without being disturbed. However, as with any dorm space, there are of course some problems as well.

     For instance, we do not technically have our own bathroom with stall showers, etc. We have a toilet (one) that is constantly  in use by others. We have to share the Tuttle bathrooms, making for a brisk walk in nothing but your towel, which feels more like a walk of shame than anything else. Secondly, we don’t get the advantage of being included in a hall. We are fairly secluded from everyone else and nobody really hangs out. The most annoying thing about living in a classroom is the “general un-hominess” of the room. The ceilings are very high (an annoyance since I’m only 5’1”) and the lights are fluorescent (not good if you want a snuggly vibe in your room). While these things certainly make our living experience more difficult, we would rather suffer these consequences than live in a box with no AC.

     Don’t worry, we are certainly taking advantage of these fabulous amenities, and while you may be jealous of our situation, take comfort in the fact that it will be colder soon, and you will no longer need those pesky fans. Though your hall may smell a little musky and B.O.-like, feel free to come and share our air, which is more filtered due to the immense amount of open space. And if you’re ever in the mood for a movie night, supply the projector, and we will be happy to accommodate you with our automated projector screen. If you think this situation is too good to be true, come see for yourself this Ritz of a dorm room anytime before 1 a.m. Treats will be provided and BYOB…not really though.


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