A League of Our Own

Eli Kaufman

Staff Writer

Every Wednesday on Belden Field, six teams comprised of over 50 students enjoy an activity unlike any other.
Today in sports, all you hear about is tough competition, brawls, and complaints about the way games are officiated. But there is one sport that is governed by the love of the game. Ultimate frisbee is quite unique. There are no referees, umpires, or instant replay. Every decision is made by the players and the spirit of the game could not be higher.

Intramural Ultimate Frisbee has been at Goucher for a few years now and it continues to grow every season. The league exists in both semesters in order to give athletes a chance to participate. “Intramurals are a great way to get out and play the game,” says Ben Saeks ‘17. “You don’t have to be the best player ever; it could be your first game.”

The mix of veterans and rookies on the field make for great learning and social experiences as well. Sophomore Jackson Hickey had one semester of frisbee under his belt in high school, but his passion grew once he arrived at Goucher. “Frisbee has better spirit than any other sport, with the possible exception of curling. The lack of refereeing leads to a sense of community and honor that promotes sportsmanship above all else.”
Saeks believes that intramurals are a great way to begin to get involved with the club team. “Intramurals bring a nice mix of people from the team and people who just want to play for fun,” says Saeks. “If you come to intramurals and decide you like it, it’s one easy step to join the team. The team is kind of like a family.”

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