Club Profile: GOP Club

Michael Layer

Staff Writer

Republicans often have been characterized as being uncharitable with an over-emphasis on self-interests and a stubborn unwillingness to compromise. However, George El-Khoury ’16, an organizing force for the Goucher College GOP Club, was able to confidently dispel these unfair accusations. The Goucher College GOP Club is a collective, governed by harried republican beliefs regarding politics at the federal and local level.

“We are starting this club to help the community and to have fun with it,” El-Khoury said, speaking on behalf of his fellow club members. Already, he and the club have been able to do both, raising over $200.00 for the Michael Lynch 9/11 Foundation. The club has been excelling in bettering its community and has no plans on stopping: “We plan to host events, raise money for charities, [and] get involved… Our goal is to help Goucher and the greater communities.”

After a brief hiatus and a change in club management, the Goucher College GOP Club seems to be back and better than ever. The club has yet to elect officers to set positions, but the structure of the club has been formed around Mark McDonald ’16, Stefan Shultz’16, Michael Brennan ’16, and also El-Khoury. “We believe a diverse campus like Goucher’s needs [a Republican club].” However, a diverse campus, like Goucher, must include all sides of the political spectrum. El-Khoury spoke regarding the unbalanced distribution of political affiliations: “Although we are vastly outnumbered, we respect the opinions and viewpoints of our fellow students… our goal is not to convert people from liberal to conservative, but to express ourselves in a respectful manner.”The club’s design is dedicated to bettering the local community, whether that is through fundraising and community service, expressing their opinions and introducing different ways of thinking, or simply through setting an example on campus. “We are passionate about what we believe in… but we will have open doors for anyone who is interested, whether you are a Republican or not. We want to make a positive impact on our community.”


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