No Seriously, Eat Breakfast

Dani Meir-Levi

Staff Writer

Well folks, mom was right: breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. In a recent study, the American Dietetic Association confirmed that those who eat breakfast perform better at work and are less likely to gain weight. Ernesto Pollitt, a professor at the UCSF School of Medcine, also concluded that, “omitting breakfast interferes with cognition and learning, as well as the mechanisms that mediate this relation.”

Likewise, skipping meals, especially breakfast, will make weight control more difficult. Those who skip breakfast tend to eat more food than usual at their next meal or munch on high-calorie snacks to stave off the hunger. If you are getting enough sleep, you have essentially been lacking food for 7-9 hours. You may not think you are hungry, but the cells in your body are starving!

I get it. Some of us would rather sleep in an extra 20 minutes, instead of going to Pearlstone to grab some Wheaties. However, the benefits of eating a good, hearty breakfast completely outweigh those twenty minutes of REM. If you skip breakfast, you may feel sluggish and lack concentration by mid-morning. Similarly, if your breakfast involves a sugary doughnut or chocolate croissant, your blood glucose levels “bottom out” by mid-morning, and you will feel extremely tired by the afternoon. The breakfast you eat should be built around protein, like scrambled eggs and whole grain toast.

If you are a breakfast-skipper or lack lean protein in your morning diet, try to change up your breakfast plan! You will absolutely see the difference. I used to only drink coffee in the mornings, and the caffeine did not keep my batteries fueled for the day. Now, I eat low fat soy yogurt with baked granola after my morning run, and I am always energized. Seriously people, eat your breakfast


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