Remembering the Holocaust: “Artifact Drawings” exhibit

Emily Coons

Staff Writer

Artifact Drawings,” created by local artist Nancy Pratz, is an art collection dedicated to Holocaust remembrance. The new exhibit at the college that contains more than 125 beautiful small ink and pen, watercolor, and pencil portraits of Holocaust artifacts, is officially open for the Goucher College community to view.

Apart from serving as a powerful tribute to the Holocaust, the exhibit is also being used as an alternative teaching method for several schools in the Greater Baltimore area. This includes public and private schools, both Jewish and secular. Over the past few months, many middle school children have come to the Siebert Center to have an out-of-the-classroom learning experience on the Holocaust. Upon arriving to the exhibit, the students watch a video narrative, which was put together by Professor Michael Curry. This video has several students explaining the story and significance behind each artifact from the point of view of the person to whom it could have belonged. After watching the video, the students are set off on an exciting scavenger hunt around the exhibit. The scavenger hunt is designed to gain a better personal understanding of the exhibit.

The exhibit is being coordinated by student Justine Ruhlin, a senior history major and German minor. Much of Justine’s time at Goucher has been heavily focused on history, especially on the Holocaust. Justine was one of the few students to take Oral Accounts of the Holocaust, a class that allowed students to interview Holocaust survivors in the area and share their stories as a narrative with the community. This is one of several classes at Goucher that have influenced Justine to become more involved with Holocaust education.
Since the class, Justine has shared her survivor’s story over 25 times in various schools over the country. This exhibit is not the only educational event that Justine is a part of this semester.

Along with “Artifact Drawings” Justine and other various members of the Goucher community will be coordinating another Holocaust awareness event. On November 12, there will be an evening event dedicated to remembering the “Night of Broken Glass,” otherwise known as “Kristallnacht.” Kristallnacht refers to the night where Nazi officers destroyed thousands of Jewish owned stores, homes, and synagogues all throughout
Germany. During this event, some students will be retelling the stories of the Holocaust survivors they worked with in Oral Accounts of the Holocaust, along with musical performances presented by the music department.

For those who are interested, the exhibit will be open until December 5th Siebert Center, located in the Goucher College Library.
For more information on the exhibit or on Nancy Pratz, please visit the library’s event page.



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