So you’re going to college with your brother?

Litza Jimenez

Staff Writer

When deciding whether to attend Goucher College or not, there were many factors I had to consider. Like many incoming students, I considered the cost, the distance from home and the program in my field. However, unlike many, I also considered what it would be like to go to school with my brother. Honestly, I loved Goucher from the beginning and couldn’t imagine any issues from sharing a school with a sibling. After all, we had been raised in the same house, often shared the same toys and had gone to the same schools while we were growing up. I wasn’t concerned. That is, until my blunt friend wondered out loud, “Won’t everyone just think of you as the little sister?” Well, that ruined my peace of mind. Since then, many have questioned my decision, asking, “So you’re going to college with your brother?” and I can only say, “Yes, I am.” Despite the naysayers, going to college with a sibling is awesome, and I can tell you exactly why.

To begin with, older siblings can help you break out of your normal peer groups. My brother is a year older than me, and he’s already made friends with upperclassmen. Instant connections. Older siblings show you around campus and are obligated to show you all the ins and outs. Like walking into Stimson or Huebeck, you automatically have someone to warn you about the more questionable items or tell you what ingredients make for the best stir fry. They can tell you which classes you should register for and which professors you should steer clear of. Even off campus, they know where you can find sushi that’s not deadly.

Sometimes you might feel like they are watching what you do, possibly writing a report to mail back to your family, or make you feel like you still need to branch out past your clan. But overall, siblings give you a slice of home even when you are far away, living in a dorm, eating cafeteria food, and smelling like Stimson. When I freak out about homework assignments or tests, my brother is there for me. When I need to escape from my dorm room, I just go to his, and when I feel like binge watching New Girl, I steal his Netflix password. Maybe coming to Goucher has kicked up some childhood rivalries, but competition keeps you light on your toes. If you are an older sibling, I would definitely encourage you to invite your baby brother or sister to Goucher. For the rest of you, don’t be surprised I go to the same school as my brother, be jealous.


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