The pros of upgrading to the iPhone 6

Anurag Chaudhary

Staff Writer

September 19 was a big day for me. It was the launch day for the new iPhone. Unlike every other year when I just watched the keynote and looked at the website with longing eyes, this year, I bought an iPhone 6.

My phone arrived in the mail on the evening of launch day. After opening the package, the first thing I noticed was how light and slim the device was. The box itself is pretty big, a completely new size for an Apple product. I had ordered a white and gold iPhone 6 with 64 gigs of storage. Measuring a mere 6.9 millimeters, it is probably the slimmest phone ever.

After holding it in your hand, it feels completely redesigned. It’s not just about slapping a bigger display on a phone and shipping it out to consumers, like other companies do, but about how it is executed. Sir Jony Ive and his design team have done an excellent job and have nailed the execution of the new iPhone with the bigger display. The phone is completely redesigned and has an industrial feel to it. The back is made entirely of brushed aluminum, wrapped by polished glass on the front. It is so seamlessly designed that you can’t feel where the display ends and where the body of the phone begins. The edges of the phone have been rounded and it feels smoother.

Of course, the bigger screen is the highlight of the new phone. The new Retina HD display, with a resolution of 1334×750, is spectacular. Sporting dual domain pixels and an improved polarizer, it stays true to color from all viewing angles and can be seen through polarized sunglasses more clearly.

The A8 chip is the heart of the new iPhone. It is 20% more energy efficient than the previous A7 processor. Its little brother, the M8 motion coprocessor, measures steps and distance walked, and for the first time ever, even the flights of stairs you climb. This ensures that you don’t need any more hardware than the phone to keep track of your fitness. This is paired with the new health app in iOS 8. The app itself is impressive – it displays your daily steps climbed, calories consumed (which you can input through different apps), and flights of stairs climbed graphically. And the best part is that all of this is done in the background. You don’t even need to keep the app open.

iPhones have always had the best camera among all other phones. The new model is no exception. It’s never about the number of megapixels that a camera has, but the quality of the pixels and the sensor that determines how good the camera is. Apple has found a sweet spot at eight megapixels, and has kept on improving the sensor and the pixel quality. The new phone has a completely new sensor with focus pixels, improved face detection, and exposure control. Pictures look absolutely amazing on the retina HD display. It also shoots video at 1080p now, with 240 fps slow motion video and a time-lapse mode, which is the coolest thing ever.

The biggest new feature, which will be exclusive to the 6 and the 6 plus, is called Apple Pay. The new iPhones have an NFC antenna which allows for this. Apple Pay enables users to store credit cards in their phone and then pay through their phone instead of swiping a card. This is way more secure than just swiping a card at a terminal because the transaction is authorized through the Touch ID sensor, so you cannot pay without your fingerprint. Apple has patterned up with all the major banks and retailers to implement Apple Pay and I can see this becoming the industry standard in a few months.

After using the new iPhone for around two weeks now, I can confidently say that it is the best iPhone ever made and I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to upgrade.


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