Tilling it Like it Is: GIG+Harvest Fest=FIG

Todd Troester

Staff Writer

When fall comes to Goucher, students begin to realize how drafty their rooms are and wish they had packed warmer clothes. As the chill sets in, Ag Co-op starts the preparation for their annual Harvest Fest. Although this year, things will be a little different; one might even say more cooperative. For Harvest Fest this fall, Maddie Lasser ’16 decided to reach out to Maren Stunes ’17, President of Ag Co-op, to help organize the event. Instead of Harvest Fest, the event will now be known as Fall Into Goucher (FIG), the fall counterpart to Get Into Goucher (GIG).

Typically, the Ag Co-op plans Harvest Fest and most clubs are invited, but only a few actually respond. This year, with Lasser’s experience on Programming Board, the pair was able to bring a variety of clubs together to participate in FIG. Stunes remarks that FIG is “Maddie’s Brainchild.” Lasser explains that this event will have more people and clubs; it’s a “community building event.” The idea is to “build bridges but hold onto the tradition of Harvest Fest,” says Lasser.

Harvest Fest, now FIG, will be held October 25, a few days before the predicted first frost. Lasser and Stunes aren’t willing to give anything away until the weekend before the event, but Harvest Festivals are generally associated with harvesting the last summer crops, picking pumpkins, and celebrating the bounties of the season. Stunes talks about what Ag Co-op is doing for the event, “We hope to pull everything out!” Ag Co-op wants to “clean the slate for next semester,” proclaims Stunes.

When asked about the possible negatives of associating an event with GIG, an event commonly associated with day drinking and free food, Lasser explained that the clubs involved in the event “made a unanimous decision” not to set that precedent. Lasser continues by explaining, “GIG is funded by OSE and planned by students and staff.” FIG is “planned and funded completely by students and clubs,” says Lasser. The pair predicts that the student investment in this event will encourage people to enjoy the activities and not mark FIG as another GIG.

Green Announcement:
The Green Fund is now accepting grant applications. The submission period ends October 31st. If you have an idea for a project to improve Goucher’s environmental sustainability, formulate your idea, then download and fill out the application online.
For access to the application, search “Environmental Sustainability” on the Goucher website or go to http://www.goucher.edu/about/environmental-sustainability/apply-to-the-green-fund
For more information contact the GESAC Co-Chairs: Gina Shamshak and Therese Neal


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