Edited for Libel: “I’m a mouse. Duh.”

Sarah Hochberg

Opinion Editor

As the commonly quoted Mean Girls character, Cady Heron, states, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” This is evidenced in the movie during a scene where Karen has lingerie and mouse ears, which is her entire costume. Unfortunately, that’s pretty accurate. A holiday where little kids go on hay rides and trick or treat, pick pumpkins and tell ghost stories, turns very risqué when you get older. For college-age girls there appears to be very little in the way of a creative and spooky costume that’s not a Slutty _____. That’s a shame. Women everywhere, on every day, should have a choice in what’s appropriate to wear. This is not a slut-bashing, slut-shaming omg-cover-up it-is-like-40-degrees-out-here article. If you feel comfortable (and warm!) enough in your own skin to wear extremely revealing costumes, be my guest. If you wait all year to break out that Slutty Devil costume you’ve saved up for, by all means. Strut your stuff girl! What I’m saying is whether girls want to cover up or whether girls want to dress down should be their individual choice, not a stereotype that’s reinforced by cheap costume availability. It should be an option for girls who dress conservatively on average days and want to continue dressing that way to wear a spooky full-dress costume. However, it’s continuously stumping to find a cute, fun old-fashioned spooky getup. You can try buying a Harley Quinn costume, hoping for a red and black jumpsuit but all of the costumes involve thigh highs and tiny dresses. Most costumes are either uncomfortably small or unrecognizable as an actual costume. So if you want to wear lingerie and mouse ears, go ahead. All I’m asking from the costume designing people is a little variety. And warmth. A cute red sparkly dress that covers everything for a Demonic Devil perhaps? Or a blue Dorothy dress that is not showing off to all of Kansas? That’s all I ask for. And maybe some more candy corn. Happy Halloween.


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