New Wi-Fi presents issues on campus

Chelena Jiminez

Staff Writer

Before the updates, I had no internet access,” explains Welsh resident Sabrina Jimenez ’17. The Wi-Fi has been a problem for some time here at Goucher. In some dorms such as Tuttle and Hooper, access is limited while in many apartments in Welsh, the new Wifi is completely inaccessible.

Jiminez was forced to do almost all of her homework in the Athenaum or use up her data by turning on her mobile hotspot. In order to keep up on online reading assignments and avoid noisy crowds in the Information Commons, Jiminez printed out most of her documents, which was not only a hassle but also a waste of the coveted printer points. Now each residence hall has a new system and each Welsh apartment has its own Wi-Fi router. “I don’t have to go the Ath half as much because I can do all my work from my computer,” said Jiminez, “it’s been a lot better.” Across campus students now have two options for logging onto the Internet. One allows students to navigate the web to read articles, send emails and complete other daily internet uses and the other focuses on speeding up online gaming and TV viewing. By now, many students have become familiar with the new WiFi names, GoucherWiFi and GoucherMultimedia, and are enjoying the benefits of faster Internet. Goucher students can easily delete the third network connection designed for newcomers to Goucher simply by clicking, “Forget this network,” and access the Intenret through two main networks. Those with desktops or who prefer Ethernet connections can simply purchase a USB wireless adapter to take advantage of the new WiFi system. And certainly, any students who have trouble connecting can simply contact the Goucher’s Help Desk to help walk through the problem.

Now that residential halls have been completed, the next phase will be putting routers in Goucher’s academic buildings, Hoffberger, Meyerhoff, Van Meter, Julia Rogers, the Psych Annex and of course the Athenaum, where students will be able to gather and enjoy faster internet speeds than ever. After fiber optic cables are extended through all the buildings, wireless access points will be installed throughout campus, on light poles and strategic structures, allowing students to sit with a cup of coffee under a tree and enjoy the falling leaves while still maintaining an online connection. On November 4, most of these installations took effect, and the new speed will begin. After much planning and anticipation, new WiFi has arrived, and Vice President for Technology and Planning Bill Leimbach is excited. “We look forward to how faculty and students will use the network to enhance teaching and learning,” Leimbach said, “Okay -and for fun for students outside of class too!” No more spotty connections or loss of Internet, President José Antonio Bowen says Goucher’s new Wifi, “will be a game-changer.”


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