Scoop’s Corner: It’s already November?

Samantha Cooper

News Editor

I can’t believe it is November already and it’s nearly time to pick out classes for next semester. I already have my list and hopefully, I won’t have to call my mom three times and sob in my dorm room like I did last fall. But to be honest, I have no idea how it’s so late in the semester already. I don’t know where the time went. Even though it simultaneously feels like forever since the school year started, it also feels as though the year has gone by so quickly. Maybe it has to do with my workload. Last year, I had a lot of papers. This year, a lot of my work has been reading or more hands-on practical work. In fact, I’ve only really written one essay this semester, which is just…weird…I’m hoping that will change next semester. I know it’s a little weird, but I like essays. It’s interesting to research a new topic and write about your view on it. I’d rather have an essay than an exam any day. You will never know what will be on an exam even if you get a study guide. Usually it’s just a list of topics that the exam will cover. An essay is simple, and straight-forward. It’s also harder to forget what you write about later on. At least for me, once I walk out of an exam or test, half the information has already leaked out of my head. With an essay, I’ll memorize at least some of the information just because I spent so much time reading about it. I won’t complain about it though; it’s nice having smaller assignments that can be done in one night. It means I can go to bed early, which is a god-send for somebody with an 8:30 class. It also means I can spend some time fooling around on my laptop and watching Netflix, but it’s kind of boring… I can’t believe I just said that. That doesn’t mean I regret dropping the class I talked about in the last issue. Totally different concern. I would just like to have more assignments that involve writing, not more assignments in general. It’s hard to explain. Like really hard. I’ll just go now…and hide in my dorm room, while everyone judges me…


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