Taylor Swift: A new era and a new image

Siobhan Dempsey

Staff Writer

Taylor Swift is arguably the most discussed musician in the business today, especially amongst media outlets. In fact, CNN just aired a Taylor Swift special. This 24-year-old singer/songwriter has been extremely successful as of late. Nearly three weeks after her latest album was released, it remains the top album on iTunes, and two of her singles remain in the top 10.

Even if you don’t like Taylor Swift or her music, you cannot deny that she’s making all of the right moves at the moment, especially when it comes to marketing. She has notably taken her songs off of Spotify, speaking out against how musicians are expected to have their music available for free while people still pay for movies and TV. Additionally, Taylor Swift is omnipresent on social media; she has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, and she interacts with her fans (in between taking pictures of her cats) via all of these methods. Taylor Swift has also recently declared herself a feminist and has started openly criticizing how women are treated in the media versus how men are treated. In her latest music video for “Blank Space” (my favorite song on the album), she plays a parody of how the media has depicted her, openly mocking how ridiculous it makes her seem. Taylor Swift is openly reclaiming her image and it is amazing. I can’t even imagine how much this must be affecting her young female fans. Whenever Taylor Swift comes out with a new album, I usually get it for my younger sister (who is currently ten) for Christmas. A year or so ago, I asked my sister what she thought about Taylor Swift and she said “I like her music, but I don’t like her.” When I asked her why she thought that, she made some comment along the lines of something involving “all her boyfriends,” softening a little when I pointed out that she might be writing songs about other people’s lives too.

I think Taylor Swift is doing an excellent job at reclaiming her image, and I hope and pray that her new messages come down to reach young girls.


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