New project spiffies up Stimson

Anurag Chaudhary

Staff Writer

The Stimson Courtyard Beautification Project was held on Saturday, November 8. The event spanned the entire day, in which artists from all across campus participated. In addition, there were many onlookers who came to see the artists painting the boards. The project was the brainchild of Kali Santor ’16, who is also the CA for Lewis 1. The event was entirely organized by Santor and nine other CAs for Stimson. Their goal was to have the artwork up before Thanksgiving. For this, they made an online submission box for artwork through Google forms, which was open from October 22 to November 1. On this form, artists had to describe what their artwork would be about, and what medium they would use. They also had the option to submit a photo of their artwork through the form. From there, a committee chose the final paintings and had them approved through the administration. On November 8, the paintings came to life. The artwork on the boards before this project was more than eight years old, and it was necessary to repaint the outdated boards in the courtyard. The boards are a very important aspect of the Stimson Courtyard, and they had become very old and shabby looking. There was also a lot of graffiti on the boards, which were taking away from the overall environment of the courtyard. It was time to freshen up the courtyard. Because so many people pass through the courtyard every day, the artwork was an important aspect of the environment of the courtyard. This project would completely overhaul the aesthetic of that space and make it more appealing. By doing this, the CAs hope that students will be more willing to walk through the space and use it on a more regular basis. The project was hugely successful, and the participants painted three of the five boards. Santor also adds that it is an ongoing project and says that there is still space for more artwork. She encourages artists who want their artwork showcased on the boards to get in touch with her and submit their artwork. Anyone who has an idea can email Kali Santor at


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