Scoop’s Corner: Pros and cons of BSEP

Samantha Cooper

News Editor

One of the things you may not know about me is that I speak Japanese. Not a lot. I probably have the comprehension level of a five-year old and that’s still being relatively generous. I can probably read at the level of a five year-old and comprehend spoken Japanese at the level of a three year old. I don’t care though. I find it fun and much more interesting than Spanish. (No offense, but I took it for five years and I still couldn’t understand how to conjugate verbs). I took Japanese for three years in high school, visited the country, and am currently taking a Japanese class at Towson University. Apparently, every other college in the area offers the language besides Goucher. This is going to sound like I’m selling something, but there’s this program called the Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP). It allows any college student in the Baltimore area to take a class for credit at another university if their school doesn’t offer it. It’s a pretty cool thing, and it is better than sitting through a foreign language class I have no interest in. It’s also easy to register for the program. All you have to do is fill out BSEP form with information about the class you want to take like the days, times, college, number of credits etc., get your advisor to sign it, hand it over to the Office of Registration and then sacrifice animals to whatever deity (ies) you believe in and hope you get into the class and make sure you have a back-up schedule in case you don’t get in. I won’t find out until January if I got in or not. JANUARY! AS IN RIGHT BEFORE THE SEMESTER BEGINS! For this semester, I was originally told that there was no room about a week or so before school was supposed to begin. Then on the first day of school, I found out there was a space. You bet your butt I took it (and totally dropped the Spanish class I had on schedule). It doesn’t matter when you turn your form in – you find out around the same time. I was hoping the process wouldn’t be as bad this time, but when I tried to figure out the status of my form, not a single person at Towson knew what I was talking about. I got transferred to their STUDY-ABROAD OFFICE and ended up hanging up after being transferred again. It was one of the most ridiculous processes I’ve ever gone through. I’m not the only one I know who has done the program and I know other kids who would love to take Japanese (which you totally should), but finding the right forms and who to turn them into was difficult. I just feel like more people should know about BSEP. That would be the simplest solution for Goucher students.


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